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  Tool Rentals  

We offer a wide variety of tool rentals to help you get those miscellaneous projects completed. Please see below for our commonly rented tools. Please contact us for the most up to date availability. If you would like to rent a tool that is not listed below, please give us a call to see how we may supply you with a tool that will fit your needs.


  • G83     ($95/day,$200.00/week)
  • G84     ($95/day,$200.00/week)
  • G704B     ($90/day,$195.00/week)
  • G784     ($95/day,$250.00/week)
  • G744     ($85.00/day,$195.00/week)
  • G746A     ($75.00/day,$195.00/week)
  • G747     ($90/day,$195.00/week)
  • G846     ($125.00/day,$300.00/week)


  • Huck 200     ($125/day,$375.00/week)
  • Huck 230     ($75.00/day, $195.00/week)
  • Huck 244X     ($95/day,$250.00/week)
  • Huck 350     ($95/day,$195.00/week)
  • Huck 352     ($50/day,$195.00/week)
  • Huck 353     ($65/day,$195.00/week)
  • Huck 2012     ($75.00/day, $195.00/week)

 Chicago Pneumatic 

  • CP-0351 ESVEL Squeezer 4300 LBS, 5/32" ALUM CAP     ($150.00/day,$350.00/week)
  • CP-0351 ESKEL Squeezer 6800 LB, 5" REACH, 3/16" AL CAP     ($150.00/day,$350.00/week)
  • CP-0351 ASKEL Squeezer 3400 LB, 5" REACH, 1/8 AL     ($125.00/day,$275.00/week)