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  • Allfast / Olympic RV14GE Riveter Rivet Gun Installation Tool REFURBISHED

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    • The Allfast/Olympic model RV14GE is an installation tool developed to install the majority of blind rivets now in use.
    • Operating on air pressure of 80 to 110 PSI (Pounds per square inch) and using the recommended type pulling head, the RV14GE installation tool will install 3/32 inch through 3/16 inch diameter standard and special Allfast/Olympic self-plugging and pull-thru blind rivets in a wide range of grips, as well as similar blind rivets manufactured by other companies.
    • The RV14GE installation tool is designed for maximum performance using Allfast/Olympic pulling heads of Group 1 (screw-on type) and Group 2 (snap-on type). Pulling heads of other manufacturers also may be used directly on this tool.


    • Pull Force : 1,800 lbs (minimum)
    • Stroke : 1.125"
    • Rated Air Supply : 80-110 PSI
    • Weight : 4 lbs
    • Size : 11"


    • Comes with a one year warranty including parts and labor