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USATCO C-Yoke Single Cylinder Rivet Squeezer 34-214C



Model : 34-214C
Maximum Force @ 90 PSI: 3,330 lbs
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Overall Length: 10-5/16"
Air Inlet: 1/4"
Gap: 1-1/4"
Set Hole Size: 3/16"


Capacity Cold Diameter

1/8" Aluminum
3/32" Steel

Standard Yoke Dimensions

Reach: 1-1/2"
Closed Height: 11/16"

Set Holding Plunger

Maximum Travel: 9/16"
Stroke @ Maximum Force: Final 1/16"


Good balance, easy handling.
CE approved and certified.
Quiet, easy operation
Clamping force exceeds federal specs
90° swiveling air inlet
Safety approved throttle lever.